Clone PUBG Battle Royale Source Code Full Unity3d 2018.2

Game Battle Royale similar to games like PUBG, Fortnite.

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Game Battle Royale similar to games like PUBG, Fortinite. Created in Unity3d, complete source code with all the dynamics of the gameplay, menu, store.

How to pay: enter your email address in the chat below, and we will send you the invoice, payment is immediate, and you receive your complete code

Multiplayer system integrated with Photon Network.


    * Multiplayer with configurable number of users per game

    * Shop for skins and weapons

    * Full menu with choices by server regions

    * Parachute jump, 46 types of weapons, healing system, interior buildings


* Unity3d engine

* Photon Newtrok (free version giving access only 20 users)


Use version Unity 2018.2 or above
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Q. Which engine do we use?
A. Unity3d
Q. What version of the template?
A. 2018
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