First-person multiplayer game to play sports disputes with red or blue teams, and compete for the leadership of your country. Call players from any part of the world to be part of this great showdown or game in Player VS Robots mode, ridding the city of evil.
Training Mode or Campaign ★ ★ shooter
First person game that can be player online or offline, you choose your shooter, and have to rid your city of robots or bots trained to kill. Eliminate them along with your friends by playing multiplayer and conquer items scattered across the scenario.

Teams Mode ★ ★ team sports
Using all your skill you can assemble your team among friends, or even call users from other countries to form a team and enter this great confrontation. This mode works only online because it needs multiplayer players. Choose Team Blue and Red and go to the Great Battle.
There is no minimum limit of players for each team …


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